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Q  Will the program work on networks (Novel, NT4 , Windows 2000 etc)
A  Almost certainly, yes - but try out the trial version to check on your particular system.

Q  Which platforms does the program work on?
A  Almost all versions of Windows. It has been tested on Windows 95/98/ME as well as Windows NT4/2000 and XP.

Q  How long does it take to receive the full version after registration?
A  Normally less than 48 hours. If you have received nothing after 3 days,  please contact the author:

Atoms, Bonding and Structure

Q Do you accept school purchase orders?
A  In the UK, yes. Elsewhere, send in the purchase order with your check payment. If you require an invoice prior to payment this can be generated online. Go thru the online order process, but select payment by check. If in doubt, contact the author by email:

Q Are discounts/price breaks available?
A  If you register Atoms, Symbols and Equations jointly togrether with Atoms, Bonding and Structure with a saving of US$10; there are also highly discounted multi-user and site licenses. Full details within the program.

Q  Why can't I get answers ?
A  Answers are only available for Units 1 and 2 prior to registration..

Q Are there any worksheets to go with the program?
A  I  sometimes feel that pupils sometimes suffer death from worksheet. The program is designed to be self contained, with most question answered on screen but also with additional questions to be answered in their notes to act as a record of their work - these questions are indicated by the red 'notebook' symbol within the program.

Q What is the latest version?
A  Version 4.0 is current as of August 2003.

Download Atoms, Symbols and Equations v4.0 (700kB)   
(Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP)

Download v2.2 for older computers running Windows 3.1

The program comesas a self extracting file. Just download and run "chemxa" to install.

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